"Sidestep the celery shopping with a shot of spicy-tomato-flavour Bloodshot vodka instead. Bloody mary in espresso-quick form."

"Mix with tomato juice for a very passable instant bloody mary (it is also wicked on its own)"


"Bloodshot combines the smoothest taste with an edgy character, which makes it the ingredient of choice for the true Bloody Mary connoisseur"

"I disapproved of the notion of a ready made Bloody Mary mix...until I tasted this vodka"

"Fiendishly Tasty..."


"Bloodshot is one of the most complex spirits to produce."

Trend Moniter

"The Devilish spirit is truly the answer to drinkers prayers, Bloodshot will make a drink that is truly out of this world everytime and in seconds"

King Loaf

"Makes a superb base for Bloody Marys"

Olive Magazine

"Deliciously uplifting on its own, it's bang on mixed with top quality tomato juice and makes a fine invigorator when mixed in a thermos with warm beef bullion"

The Field

"Bloodshot is well on its way to becoming a firm favourite in my cupboard" 

​Vinspire UK